Sustainability – Breckenridge Lodge


We’re committed to continually working towards more sustainable business practices through eco tourism.

The Lodge implements the best possible environmentally conscious business practices finding a balance between running a 5 star luxury lodge and the expectations of the guests. To achieve this, the following initiatives have been put in place:


Organic Kitchen Garden

Herbs, salads, fruits, and vegetables are organically grown in the lodge’s extensive kitchen garden. Generally, 90% of all produce served in the daily menus come from this garden. An Enviroflow watering system using grey ground water irrigates the garden.

Kitchen Waste

Vegetable wastes are mulched for compost which is feed back into the garden.


All the laundry at Breckenridge is washed with filtered rainwater collected on site. We use only biodegradable products and dry most items using the natural Hawke’s Bay sunshine.

Water Supply

The majority of water consumed is provided by stored filtered rain water. The orientation of the Lodge means maximum use can be made from solar energy. Solar panels located on the Lodge’s roof, supply hot water to the kitchen and bathrooms.

All the toilets are dual flush to help minimise water wastage

Waste Water

All waste water is passed through an Enviro flow system, filtered and pumped to supply water to the native trees and grasses.
Bathroom Products

Breckenridge has planted its own large Pacific Blue lavender garden. The lavender is harvested each year for its essential oil. This oil is then used in the making of the lodge’s own bathroom amenities.


All paper, glass, tin, aluminium and plastics are recycled through the councils recycling scheme.

There are over 2 acres of gardens to explore at Breckenridge. There are hundreds of ornamental and native trees and shrubs, as well as, the kitchen garden and dozens of fruit trees. The extensive planting and large pond on the property have made Breckenridge Gardens a haven for a large variety of New Zealand bird life.

Everything at Breckenridge Lodge is organically grown.