The Wine Cellar – Breckenridge Lodge

The Wine Cellar

The Breckenridge Cellar is a collection 35 years in the making. Every wine has been researched and hand-picked by the owners. 

Chef Malcolm Redmond began his wine journey through food – how the different aspects of food such as fat, acidity, sweet, etc either compliments or contradicts those same aspects of wine and its many varieties.

Most people know that the same wine can taste very different depending on the food it accompanies. With Malcolm it started while searching for wines to pair with his food. That start lead to a continuing interest and ongoing education into wine and its many facets.

Although the cellar has a collection of international wines, most of the wines at Breckenridge are from New Zealand.  This land is an incredible place to learn about wine.

  Though small, it extends 1,600km from sub-tropical Northland, through the warm dry summers of Hawke’s bay, to the world’s most southernly mountainous grape growing region of Central Otago.  There is a general maritime climate (no point of New Zealand is farther than 120km from the sea) and there are long hours of sunshine and cool evening temperatures.  Within this compact land mass, the diversity of soil and the hundreds of microclimates make it possible to grow a large variety and styles of wines.

Over the years Malcolm has worked closely with many wineries and their wine makers.

Relationships strengthened and expanded.  Now Breckenridge benefits from inside knowledge about good vintages, what the wines will do with age, and when each wine is best to be served. Many of the smaller New Zealand wineries do not have the space or luxury to hold on to library stock or showcase their wine when it is at its best.

At Breckenridge, we use our time and space to cellar each wine until it is ready.

The extensive and ongoing research of wines for Breckenridge Lodge is taken very seriously by the owners.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Here is a list of some of the wineries with whom Breckenridge has a strong and long-standing relationship.

  • Beach House
  • Bell Hill
  • Church Road
  • Clearview
  • de la terre
  • Decibel
  • Dog Point
  • Esk Valley
  • Geisens
  • Gibbston Valley
  • Grey Ridge
  • Hawkdun Rise
  • Hawkshead
  • Jenny Dobson
  • Lauregan
  • Le Pont
  • Mountford Estate
  • Neudorf
  • Ngatarawa
  • Petane Station
  • Pyramid Valley
  • Rock Ferry
  • Sacred Hill
  • Seifried Estate
  • Stonecroft
  • Spade Oak
  • Squawking Magpie
  • Te Awa
  • Te Mata
  • The Boneline
  • The Doctors
  • The Landing
  • Tony Bish
  • Tukipo River
  • Unison
  • William Murdoch
  • Wrights